Data Processing

Digital Manufacturing and Virtual Assembly/ Manufacturing Integration

Shape Fidelity provides services to meet a range of applications in manufacturing. Analysis of 3D measurements can be used for product design and development. SFI specializes in measuring and analyzing component parts in order to provide “virtual assembly” scenarios that identify tolerances for part fit and interaction. Understanding part interaction before complete manufacturing delivers design and process improvements, as well as cost savings.

Reverse Engineering

Shape Fidelity uses 3D scan data to model objects where traditional measurement practices are impossible. Whether the target object has complex shape, or it is legacy part where no design data exists, Shape Fidelity can quickly and efficiently deliver models that represent as-built geometries. Shape Fidelity’s reverse engineering models can be used to design new parts or to redesign flawed components, to update CAD models and to improve manufacturing and tooling specifications.

Quality Inspection

Shape Fidelity’s scans and data processing services allow your team to make meaningful comparisons between as-built to as-designed components. Scans reveal the accuracy of the manufacturing process and how well it meets pre-defined tolerances at inception as well as over time. 3D scanning also delivers pattern recognition for changes in geometry after tests or after an object has been in real-world operating conditions.

Rapid Prototyping

Shape Fidelity delivers cost savings by giving you the opportunity to analyze and evaluate design components before committing to full-scale tooling, machining and manufacturing of complex parts. Rapid prototyping delivers 3D models made from resins; with an accurate and highly detailed model of your component part, your team can make decisions that affect the manufacturing process quickly and effectively.