Get your 3D pumpkins here!

Get your 3D pumpkins here!

In a passing moment of Halloween holiday spirit, we made a quick low-res scan of a pumpkin and thought that others might have fun making their own virtual jack-o-lanterns or even 3D printed models, so we've made a project portal where you can download the 3D pumpkin models. Data is available in OBJ and STL format (1 million triangles and 250,000 triangles), IGES, and STEP.  Please visit our 3D Pumpkin Project Portal to download the files.


The pumpkin also has an internal surface representing the interior of the pumpkin to make it easier to carve in CAD, etc.


We virtually cut the Shape Fidelity logo into ours, put some lights inside, and made a quick render:


Enjoy, and please share with us if you do something fun with our virtual pumpkin!

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  1. Can you upload some easter egg templates next? 🙂 I missed out on the pumpkins!

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